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The Respiratory System

Your Respiratory System is composed of the mouth and nose, the trachea, and the lungs. Air is taken in through the mouth and the nose, where it is filtered and warmed before going into your lungs. Your lungs then expand and oxygen is taken in from the air. The oxygen poor air is then breathed out, or exhaled. The whole process then starts again. 


During this WebQuest, you will visit several web sites to learn more about the Respiratory System. 

You will go here to open the worksheet that you will complete on the computer as you visit the links below.

You will also need to print out the "Respiratory Diagram" to work on offline.


When you have completed the worksheet, you will print it out (make sure your name and period are on the sheet!) and then hand it in to your teacher.


1Animation of the Respiratory System


2.  Lungs and Respiratory System


3.  Respiratory System


4.  Inside the Human Body


Use this link to complete the "Respiratory Diagram".