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The Circulatory System

The Circulatory System is composed of vessels and muscles that control the flow of blood around the body. This process of blood flowing around the body is called circulation. 




During this WebQuest, you will visit web sites that will help you to learn about this important function of the human body. 

Visit each site to answer the questions on your worksheet, which you will find here.
You will also need to print out the
"Heart Diagram" page and complete that page off line.

When you have completed the worksheet, print it out (make sure your name and period are on the sheet!), and hand it in to your teacher.


 Use these links to complete your worksheet and your heart diagram.


1. The Virtual Body (REQUIRES HEADPHONES; click on ":English", then "Human Heart", then "Narrated Tour".)

2. Animation of the Circulatory System  (REQUIRES HEADPHONES)

3. The Circulatory System

4. Arteries and Veins (if you are not taken directly to the "Arteries and Veins" section, click on "Veins & Art..")

5. Your Gross and Cool Body

6. Your Heart and Circulatory System


Use this site to complete the "Heart Diagram"